That’s right – hear we are again talking about ‘on-hold’ messages. They are such a small business item, but so easily and frequently overlooked by so, so many. But, I won’t go on about why they are important – I’ve been there and done that plenty of times. Instead, here are a few suggestions to inject a bit of creativity and hopefully inspire you to do something about your ice cream truck music.

Firstly – do everything you can to avoid putting anyone on hold!

But when it is necessary, remember that on-hold entertainment is a way to extend your business culture and involve your customers in your brand, your business, and your philosophy. For example, one business I have called several times gives me a ‘verbal massage’ while waiting to have my call answered. Another interviews the founder about what inspired them to create and build the organisation.

Being on-hold is generally pretty boring, so why not inject a bit of humour? Create a fake news bulletin (aka war of the worlds) or reveal something new and exciting that’s happening at your organisation (new building, new equipment, new staff members). You could create a competition, where callers that can answer a quiz question get a free bottle of wine or voucher or some value-added item at their next purchase. The great Australian trait of ‘taking the mickey’ will always get you a laugh.

Your ‘on-hold’ message is also a great way to introduce your staff to your customers and can alleviate potential communication barriers. A short interview with each staff member could be a really useful vehicle for communicating the experience and qualifications of your staff (if this is important to your customers). Alternatively, each staff member could tell their favourite joke, pick up line, Australian saying or anything at all that reveals a little more about them in fun context.

Then there’s the obvious – promote your other products, business arms, or new additions. ‘Did you know that we also…’ and the like.

My only two points of caution:
Do not deviate from your business culture and what you stand for
Make sure it is relevant to the people who will be calling your business

If you’re interested, we can develop just about any ‘on-hold’ message for you for very competitive prices – get in touch and we can chat about your needs (and we’ll try not to put you on-hold!)