Girls who Code

Yesterday I was wasting time on Facebook at home and saw a post about a former Victoria’s Secret model who got trolled on a post listing her various coding skills. As a ‘girl who codes’ I clicked that post bloody quickly.

Basically, an Instagram post shared by was quickly hit with comments like “What a waste”, “I don’t think so” and “wtf”. Because apparently it’s threatening for a beautiful woman to be SMART as hell, let alone excel in a typically male profession.

Thankfully these comments were quickly called out by the majority of people calling out the haters and showing their respect for a BOSS woman with mad coding skills.

Best of all the subject of the post, Lyndsey Scott chose to respond to the small minded, “salty boi” critics, hitting them with a CV of her various achievements in the field.

“Looking forward to the day when women in tech don’t have to go above and beyond to prove themselves.”

Her response led to a twitter exchange where other women shared their own experiences of sexism in the workplace…

“Yesterday I had to tell a coworker that he can stop translating web development for me because I’ve been coding for years.”

“I’m in that world and it’s a struggle every day! I have 74 employees and only 2 of them are women”

Makes me feel pretty grateful to be a female coder / woman in tech in a workplace where I’m not questioned on my ability to do my job based on my gender.

#codingisforanyone @girlswhocode #womeninstem

Image credit: @lyndsey360