So often we meet businesses; who are driving a run away media train. They’re out of control, buying media with a blindfold on. A common symptom of media mayhem can be found in impulse buying, driven by a cheap deal or the panic of a slump in business. This destructive and wasteful pattern needs to be stopped.

Take back control. Gather the reins. Put together a promotional plan,

A promotional plan is a detailed road map of the next 12 months. Where, when and how you are allocating your budget to gain maximum frequency and reach. It’s designed to capture your press, TV, digital, radio, magazine and outdoor and ties them together so your ducks are all in line. A well-structured promotional plan will provide continuity across the year and leave you to get back to business. Do remember it is not just your media which can be included, all promotions can be laid out and collaborated in the same plan.

To gain continuity, research is the key and lots of it. This ensures you’re reaching your target market. Lifestyles and behaviour must also be considered and incorporated. That’s right, you need to follow your customers and know their buying patterns; their every move. Let’s be honest, we could all get to know our customers a little better.

You can also plan for seasonality without running low on customers at crucial times and book all your media annually, saving you costs – one less thing to worry about.

And the best part is, a promotional plan can almost guarantee you won’t over spend, because you’ll be in control – not the media rep. When you see that pesky advertising sales person ‘popping in’ to sell you an off the cuff feature that they’ve created to boost their sales, you can safely say you have it under control.

So boil the jug, sit down and let’s take control of your media mayhem.