Sleek. Sexy. Interactive. Innovative. Engaging. Simple and Effective.

Just some of the words already being used to describe our latest concept in online website design.

If you haven’t read about it in our latest inbox eNewsletter, then you’re missing out on all the fuss.

After many months of development, conceptualisation and head scratching, we’ve finally completed the first stage in a new wave of web products we believe are going to blow you away!

In the past, Flash driven sites have been exclusively reserved for big business. Costing tens of thousands of dollars to set up and nearly as much to maintain. Although attractive, they have tended to lack the enriched ability for the end user to update and edit the content.

Having seen how effective this was with static sites and the on-going success of our Springbox CMS sites, we developed the concept of matching up one of the most powerful Content Management Systems on the market with the interactive technology that many clients have been seeking. And thus the Springbox Flash Series was born.

I won’t bore you with all the technical blah blah here. You can get that by visiting the Springbox website.

What I would encourage you to do when you get there is to click on the links to the available templates as they are LIVE examples of the 3 base templates in our FlashLite and FlashPlus products. This gives you the chance to play and interact with the system and have a true feeling for what is possible.

These templates can be modified to match your corporate colours and obviously your brand. The features of each template are shown through the various pages but you don’t have to use them all. It’s simply an example of what is available.

The best part is that you’ll have full control over the content just as you would with our Springbox range of products.

Never before has such a powerful CMS been integrated with Flash in this manner. It’s an exclusive development from the team at Jack in the box and I’m really excited about it!

So have a look and give me a call to chat about how we can develop a site from one of the 3 available templates or even a fully customised package using our FlashCMS. It’s truly exciting stuff!!