I love an innovative new advertising idea, and feel it is my duty to tell you all about it. The other week I stumbled across ‘walking billboards’ and have fallen in love with the idea. Not only are they innovative and effective, but extremely affordable. To me, that’s a winning combination.

Walking billboards are essentially custom made billboards about the size of the average person, fitted with backpack straps. People then wander around your nominated geographic area, wearing the billboard, handing out brochures, talking to people or doing basically anything you want them to.

The billboards could be used as a simple branding message, or demand more call to action, like attracting people to a stand at an expo or event, dispensing brochures, obtaining entries in a competition, giving out samples, or just simply extending an event or activity to a wider
geographic audience.

As an example – you are opening your new store and have organised the radio station for a live broadcast, helium balloons, face painting, sausage sizzle and everything else you can think of. Why not attract even more traffic by grabbing a few of these walking billboards and asking them to wander through local high foot traffic areas, encouraging others to get on down and see your new store.

The billboards are impacting and, the best part is, they are novel – people will point out your ‘walkers’ from near and far, and kids will love them. They’ll probably take photos, and they might even end up on YouTube or on some marketing blog (like this one) if you’re lucky.

The applications are endless, and with some clever thinking and design, they could really have an impact at your next event, sale, opening or whatever!

We can organise for you to hire them out as required, or the units are available for singular purchase. They are surprisingly affordable and I urge you to get in touch with me so we can talk about the options.