No you’re not in some LSD induced fantasy but you could be excused for believing it’s all a little too surreal.

Enter Google Glass

Google’s latest innovation and I have to say…it looks amazing!

Think Oakley and Apple making a love child and you’re probably pretty close.

Google Glass is a whole new way to capture what is happening within your world and share it with your family, friends and loved ones at almost the blink of an eye (well a quick audio cue anyway).

While this is an amazing innovation in itself, it marks another significant leap in how we integrate with technology.

As I’ve posted before, we’re entering (or probably already entered) an era of seamless integration. By this I mean that we’re seeing what was once quite static technologies that we had to bolt into our lives, actually transform into being ‘part’ of our lives and, more importantly, all function together in a more transparent fashion.

Simple examples like vehicles having bluetooth for most phones and your TV having an internet portal.

Over the next decade, we’ll see more and more of this ‘seamless integration’ take place where technology stops ‘getting in the way’ and starts being an integral part of our lives.

Many will say that this will never happen but they’re probably the same people that thought mobile phones and the internet were fads and just for yuppies!! Oh how times have changed…

Take the opportunity to see through the eyes of a new world and take a trip to the Google Glass video. It’s pretty damn impressive.

Now I just need to find a way to get myself on the beta list for testing…