In the last three days, I’ve been fortunate enough to be heavily involved in the Emergence Creative Festival and it’s been fantastic to have this time to really submerse myself into a highly creative space with a whole group of right brained thinkers.

Apart from hanging out with some amazing people and listening to a variety of creative topics from people from all over Australia, it’s been inspiring to hear about the way in which people are being creative.

It got me wondering about how creativity worked and how much it actually effects our lives.

Creativity doesn’t exist within a vacuum – we don’t create it that way and the environment isn’t structured that way either. It’s something we all engage in everyday.

As technology continues to provide new tools in the creative arsenal that we have at our disposal, we find a breeding ground for creativity that involves more than just designers and artists. We’re now seeing an emergence of tech’s, scientists, artists and thinkers collaborate in a new way with new mediums that is both exciting and world changing.

Impact is no longer dominated by ‘the man’ and a small voice can now shout loudly with the right message. We’re seeing more and more creative minds take on the pursuits of issues that require different approaches to gain the critical attention they’ve been missing. This is attacked with passion and ferocity backed by data and strategy.

Is this news to me? Or Jack in the box? No…not really. It’s pretty much a storybook on our 14 year history.

But it’s easy to overlook what you actually do everyday.

We live in a really exciting space and one that is continuing to grow. While that is somewhat scary for most businesses who grapple with how to handle the constant change, with every adversity lies a seed of equal or greater opportunity.

Creative Thinking is critical to solving the issues that face business, government and society. And while we’re known for making ‘pretty pictures’, we’re now seeing the emergence of people understanding how vital the thinking that backs this process is to success.

If you haven’t been inspired lately, then I implore you to go out and watch a webinar or a YouTube video, attend a conference, read a book or have a conversation with someone that pushes your thinking, opens your mind and lights a fire in your belly. We all need it… your challenge for today is to go out and find it.

Me? I’m off to Emergence…