Dear supermarket chain beginning with the letter C. Your company’s corporate image isn’t just the responsibility of your marketing department, it’s also the responsibility of each and every single employee. Yes, even that scruffy, unkept one I saw smoking and picking his nose in the car park the other day. I hope you make him wash his hands in boiling water before handling any of the produce. By the way, I decided to go and shop at your competitor after seeing that and it will be quite some time before Curtis Stone lures me back.

Can you see how important it is to instil in your employees a sense of corporate pride and unity? Let them know that they are just as important in the communication of your brand as any marketing campaign. They are your brand ambassadors and their actions speak louder than words. This is especially true when they wear a corporate uniform outside of the work place. Whether on the bus on the way to work or during a tea break smoko in the car park, it’s essential that your employee’s actions, demeanor and character continue to reflect your brand in the best possible way. The corporate uniform is there to assist in creating a sense of unity, order and consistency in the consumers’ mind. So, when we see questionable behaviour out in public, we can only begin to imagine what unsavoury things might be happening behind the scenes.