Embarrassingly enough, I watch The Bachelor.

It’s a completely and utterly TERRIBLE show. I don’t agree with the idea that twenty girls date one man and he chooses the one he ‘likes the best’ at the end. I don’t think the concept is at all healthy for the women involved, or for the greater public. I have to look away from many of the scenes. They burn my pupils and make me cringe.

But that’s not my point.

I watch it for a reason. A content writer has decided to blog on each and every episode of The Bachelor and since she is based on the east coast, I happen to be able to read her blog as soon as the show has been aired in WA. And I get incredibly excited for it! Essentially, I watch the show JUST so I can read the blog. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be – this is a big-budget Channel 10 Production as opposed to a quickly put together blog post – but it is literally that good.

Rosie Waterland is a content writer for site MamaMia. She has managed to create content around exactly what the target audience is thinking. She gives hilarious recounts of the awkward moments on the show and gives every one of the cast members a nickname depending on how they are depicted. She adds funny screenshots throughout her writing with outlandish captions. Then she promotes it through a Facebook page (again, target audience) and all of a sudden, she has people sharing it all over social media. In fact, 16,000 people SHARED her last blog entry from The Bachelor on Facebook. I’d call that success.

There are a few tricks as to how Rosie Waterland has managed to integrate her blog into the target market she so desires:

1) She writes completely as herself. It’s conversational, as if the person reading it knows her.

2) She writes for her audience. She uses slang and writes what she KNOWS people are thinking. It makes her audience agreeable and more likely to share. Plus, she’s hilarious.

3) Rosie is lucky to have MamaMia as an avenue to reach out to the public, but she generates, shares and encourages people to follow her on Twitter and Facebook also. She then posts her articles and this integratesright back into MamaMia. Clever!

I must mention, this content isn’t rocket science, nor are the photos top quality. It’s just content for the right audience, integrated through social media and most of all, providing entertainment.