Ever been to party and thought to yourself, “Why the hell am I here?”

I think we all have. It happens.

In stark contrast, perhaps you’ve found yourself sitting on the couch hogging into a giant bowl of M&M’s watching late night television and wondering if you should actually be out with your friends?

In a world that seems so focused on how many friends you have on Facebook, how many different social networks you’re on and with the seemingly endless amount of networks available, it’s time that business starting to understand that they don’t have to be at every party…just the ‘right’ parties.

Everyday I would have a client ask me about Social Networks in one shape or form. Which one to be on? Which icons to use on their site? Where should they put them? What they should post? When they should post? How to maximise their effectiveness? Or even how to simply create an account.

There is a very low understanding of Social Networks in general across business and the big concern for me is that most people are either not in the space (usually due to fear), using the tool incorrectly or are on the wrong network.
Further to all this, is the fact that very few people actually understand how to create, develop, manage, execute and then take advantage of content.

It’s certainly not easy. Especially when the game keeps changing and the shift happens as quickly as it does in a digital world.

The complexity of building content has been the biggest shift in recent times coupled with the growing list of options, leading to a wider range of opportunities in the medium.

This is however, not new to our industry.

Seeing more TV Channels, Newspapers and Radio Stations over the years has been a natural part of the industries growth. In much the same way, many struggle with content and professionally developed material is almost the norm in most of these environments.

But many businesses are yet to grasp how this all functions and because Social Networks are seen as ‘FREE’, there is an incorrect perception that all around this space should be, or is, free.

Understanding where your business should be; how it should be posted; how it should engage and react; along with how it can grow and obtain business from this medium is what is critical.

It is vital that business begins to look at Social Networks the same way as it does the rest of its business and marketing.

Being at every party and being dressed inappropriately for the occasion is never a good look. Ensure you’re at the right parties and networking with the right people, dressed to impress and in a position to gain some benefit from your presence.

Oh! And one final thing…never forget that it’s called ‘SOCIAL’ networking for a reason…