The great thing about creating work for community groups and not for profits is it is often a chance for agencies to get really creative and push the boundaries.

Agencies, just as in your business, organisation or team, are made up of everyday people who live in the same community as everyone else. We all want the best for our communities and both the Agency and its people are keen to play their part in contributing skills and talents for the betterment of the community, be it local, national
or global.

Sure we may not be directly saving lives like an emergency theatre nurse, but we are happy to use our skills to indirectly save lives by creating campaigns that create awareness of the dangers of drug abuse, or the need for more blood donors.

Often these organisations don’t have a large (or sometimes any) budget for creating the awareness that they really need to get results. In the end their success helps all of us.

It is for this very reason that agencies are keen to work on community and not for profit accounts, firstly we get a great sense of pride and achievement in using our abilities to contribute to the great work of these organisations.

Secondly, because these organisations are so welcoming of support they are often clients that let us do what we do best – be creative! This doesn’t mean to say we then expect them to have to accept what we produce with a ‘like it or lump it’ attitude.

It means we are not restricted in our design process and will push the boundaries to create sublime work that gets the client results, makes our creative juices flow, is fun and exciting to work on, resulting in a sense of satisfaction that only comes from such jobs.

Out of work we, just like so many, are happy to help our community. Be it by coaching sports teams, giving donations and/or time to organisations and events, which helps make the community we live in a great place to be.