These days it is imperative that recruitment is included under a company’s marketing umbrella. Gaining and retaining the ‘right’ staff is an art and one that takes strategy and creativity. The labour market is demanding advertisements and practices that will reach out and grab the people who will fit harmoniously within an organisation.

Gone are the days of typical templates, the black and white ads, the stale company history, followed by “due to the growth and expansion” and ending with a laborious list of requirements and specifications. OK, I do understand there are some important aspects which need to be included but why not add a bit of life to them.

Make your ‘consumers’ excited about applying, think of new and different ways to attract and approach applicants. Reflect your culture in the adverts, give job seekers a peek through the window, what should they expect. Take Disney for example; at the top of each job advert they have “Imagine the stories you can be part of” WOWSER the power in this statement will make anyone want to apply.

Give a true reflection of your culture and let them decide if they fit. Sounding familiar? Treat potential recruits like customers. Just like with marketing, expectation + the experience = satisfaction level. A satisfied employee will become an asset to your business. The expectation is formed through the advert and additional material they learn about your company, so DO NOT LIE! . Provide a magical experience once they begin and you have a satisfied employee.

Create your perfect person, now think how are you going to reach them? Are you using the ‘typical’ methods or are you tailoring it to match the people you want to see everyday in the lunchroom. Research, research, research – save yourself money, time and hair by learning who your target market is and how you’re going to reach them. Here’s a tip, talk to your current employees.

The majority of job seekers will visit a company’s website before applying for a position. Don’t write a novel in your advertisements. Put it on your website.

Use pictures, as you know ‘pictures are worth a thousand words’. People are generally lazy, particularly when it comes to job hunting, why not ‘show them’ the position. Here’s a doozy, a large picture with minimal text will; draw attention and talk more to the viewer than words could ever say.

I believe recruitment should no longer be the sole responsibility of Human Resources. This complicated monster needs marketing consideration, creativity and zest.