Recent changes in legislation regarding government funding in the Not for Profit (NFP) sector is causing tension within many organisations. Especially in the disability, mental health and aged care arena where the Government is requesting the NFP sector to deliver services that have traditionally been the role of Government. This means that NFP’s are changing from government tenders for their funding source to a user-choose environment

In previous blogs I have talked about the need for NFP’s to become competitive and to view their organisations as a business. That is, become commercial, embrace a business model while remaining client centric and maintaining their integrity.

I suggested that organisations:

  • Develop a different mind set
  • Embrace a marketing discipline
  • Become visible and accessible
  • Developing a strong brand
  • Let the community know who you are, what you do for your clients and how you did it.

I recently read an article in a marketing magazine, which was an excellent example of a NFP that has taken this tension and used it as an opportunity to rebrand and market their organisation. This particular NFP was being interviewed by the magazine on the reasoning and main goal behind developing the new brand.

One of the comments made by the NFP to this questions – was that the organisation wanted to really engage people (become visible and accessible) remembering they were also values driven. And like most NFP’s there is a lived set of values that cannot be comprised.

In previous blogs we looked at the challenges for NFP’s (now that the client/user makes the choice) within this very competitive market. The major challenge being, how to win a share of attention/market place whilst continuing to maintain the organisation’s integrity. It would seem from the article that this organisation is an example that shows it is indeed possible.

The article and interview can be found is a must read for all Not for Profits .