In the wake of Robin William’s death this week, we have seen tension through many saddened fans and fellow actors publicly expressing their condolences and family statements about the loss of such a wonderful comedian and human being.

In sad times such as this, we also see the relevance and power of the media and social media in particular to justify the tension we’re feeling. Ben Affleck released a statement about his Good Will Hunting co-star, who he attributes to making his “dreams come true” in a film that launched his entire career. “What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything.”

Sincere and emotional. Circulating all over Facebook, television and trending across the entire internet.

Channel 10 in a strategic move programmed Mrs Doubtfire on a Tuesday evening – the day his death was announced – where I’m certain ratings would have gone through the roof.

Twitter exploded with tributes from big-name celebrities such as Steve Martin, Ellen De Generes, Glenn Close and John Travolta. The people who Robin worked alongside and socialised with as part of Hollywood’s scene. Barack Obama tweeted that through all of his characters “he ended up touching every element of the human spirit.”

There was one that really got me, however and I didn’t see it on Twitter, but as part of a viral post on my Facebook Newsfeed. Not only did it encompass Robin’s mental state of mind and heartache, it paid tribute to his career as an actor and comedian. Evan Rachel Wood summed it up in three short words, receiving almost 100,000 retweets: That plain and simply shows the power of social media and the internet in times of tension.