Ok…so you’ve got your website, you’ve implemented all these innovative concepts to drive traffic to your site and now you’re anxiously waiting at the door for the flood of customers…but there’s nobody there…

Well, it’s probably all in the stats!

Now I’m presuming that you all have some degree of statistical feedback on your website. Any data – no matter how big or small – is vital. If you don’t have any data on your site, then stop reading and call me now…

…like RIGHT NOW!!!

It is crucial to have data on your website. Even if you don’t know how to interpret it, you can always seek advice and they’ll be able to advise you on what is happening in terms of visitation.

With all our Springbox sites, we provide a 7 page overview of each months statistics. It’s basic and it gives people an indication as to what is happening on their site.

Deeper analysis can be provided on request and it’s here that we really start to dig into the numbers and what it all leads to.

For example, a client of ours was getting some really great traffic to their website. We noticed that lots of people seemed to be leaving on one particular page.

On investigation, we found that people were expecting certain content which wasn’t there. We made the decision to change the name of the page to avoid confusion and suddenly the page dropped off the radar as a Top Exit page.

It’s not always that simple to read or to fix but this gives you the idea.

So check out your stats and if you need more information, then consult an expert. We are always more than happy to examine and provide advice on site statistics. Like all data, it can be interpreted in a million different ways. It needs to be considered in conjunction with your promotional activity, seasonal sales trends and your content.

Alone it can be distorted to tell you anything you like. Getting the truth out of your data is another job entirely!

Fire up your stats and bomb us with your data!