Imagine an interactive brochure that doesn’t have to be online, can provide a huge amount of information in a manageable context, is environmentally friendly and has the ability to be fully customised. Jack in the box have such a product and we have been using it for a range of different applications to help our clients provide information that wouldn’t have been possible with traditional media.

The product I am talking about is an autoplay CD console. Basically it is a mini website burned on to a branded CD that plays automatically when it is placed into a users CD drive. They can then navigate through the information that is relevant to them at their own leisure. There is the ability to create links to websites, link in documents such as PDF’s and Word and play music or videos. We can also create a multi-layered hierarchy just like a website.
The whole console can be created as a custom shape which means you can include your corporate styling into the design. When it opens on a users screen it sits on top of any applications they already have open and they are able to click and drag it around on their screen making it very convenient when they are opening linked documents or exploring links to your website.

Within the console we have the ability to include images or make them work as a slideshow if there is the need to show multiple images without taking up lots of space. We can even include audio and videos which makes it ideal as a presentation tool or tutorial based product. If you like sound we have a range of noises we can use for clicks, opens, closes etc. or we can include custom sounds if this better suits your purpose.

Autoplay CD consoles are ideal for a range of purposes
and can be produced in any quantity depending on your requirements. In the past we have created them for clients to use for everything from a prospecting tool, a call to sponsorship and an information tool for distributors. The possibilities really
are endless!

Another great advantage is that everything fits onto one CD. Using traditional media the same amount of information would need to be printed on reams of paper that would then be collated into a custom binder or folder with dividers and contents pages. It would then need to be packaged up in padded envelopes for distribution. Apart from being wasteful you don’t have the ability to create any interactivity.

Our autoplay CD consoles are a fantastic product that can be used for a wide variety of applications. If you have a particular job to do and think a CD console may be the right tool for you, then give us a call and we can discuss how we can customise this product for you. Take a look at our gallery to see how autoplay CDs have worked for some of our clients.