Scott Robinson has been nominated for the WA Business News 40 Under 40 Awards. Voting may be closed, but this story is worth a read.

The Orange Seed Project was created and developed by Scott Robinson, Director of Jack in the box.

Working on the basis of an old Chinese proverb, which maintained that giving a man a fish would feed him for a day, but teaching a man to fish would feed him for a life time, Scott began the job of fashioning an awards program. If ‘Not for Profit’ organisations could market themselves and become more independently resourced he knew his objective could be met.

The results of those humble deliberations in 2009 were to see a concept which would engage the public, develop real expertise in businesses, facilitate the opportunity to communicate their great works to a broad cross section of Western Australian society and recognise those who work so hard to help others.

But Scott knew he would need the support of the media and with his contacts and knowledge he presented the idea to The West Australian Newspaper Group. The executives at The West embraced the idea and in 2010 agreed to become partners in the venture. Scott had found a partner.

The task became clear to further develop the Awards to ensure every eligible organisation no matter their size was able to make a case and enjoy the fruits of a gift, which could help thousands in the future. Scott with his team at Jack in the box, fashioned the Award program and the inaugural winners, Perth Bone and Tissue Bank (now PlusLife) became the first Major Gift Recipients of The Orange Seed Project 2012.

At Lamont’s Bishops House in November 2013, Dreamfit Foundation became the second Major Gift recipient of the Orange Seed Project, resulting in 20 ‘Not for Profit’ organisations sharing in over half a million dollars worth of gifts, advertising and cash for the two years.

The benefits are significant. It opens doors for the successful organisation to amass more donations, create high levels of awareness, garner significant PR, and expect a notable increase in public awareness.

The partnership between The West and Jack in the box will continue and planning is now underway for the 2014 Awards. From little seeds, orange trees grow. Through Scott’s insight and persistence we will soon see the fruit of he and his supporter’s labours.