We use a wonderful little tactic here at Jack in the box which many major organisations also use. It works well and it’s called The Red Team.

With a team of ten people, all with different backgrounds, knowledge and skill sets, it’s a way for us to ensure our ideas are 100% effective before they leave our studio.

When our Strategy Department comes up with a great concept, once the idea is developed, The Red Team is pulled in! This is usually people from the Creative Department – people that know nothing about the idea in its working stage.

Once the concept is presented, The Red Team find the holes in it. What are the positives? What are the negatives? Are there barriers in the execution? Or is the idea just plain CRAZY?

As an agency, we like to pride ourselves on having a variety of people with different strengths, so good things happen when we work together. Maybe we will present an idea to you that is a bit left of centre – but that’s what we’re here for!

Rest assured, while we pull these things from somewhere in the depths of our creative minds, they have been thoroughly thought about, workshopped and discussed. After all, that is what we promise you as a wholistic agency, all working together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.