I always enjoy a good intellectual property victory and am pleased to report on yet another small business conquering the big in retaining the rights to their name. Katie Perry, an Australian fashion designer, has received a great deal of media attention recently following a challenge to her trademark registration by lawyers representing the Hollywood singer, Katy Perry (aka ‘ I kissed a girl‘).

Thankfully Katie was able to prove that she was not trying to cash in on Katy‘s fame and was a well established and well known designer with legitimate rights to trade under the name in Australia. After a few letters back and forth, Katy’s lawyers eventually declined their challenge.

Like the Ugg Boots case, this is another example of a small business who, with some good advice and forward thinking, was able to protect their business and their rights. Katy‘s lawyers were asking the designer to cease operation and were appealing for her trademark application to be rejected. Imagine if this happened to your organisation? It would be heartbreaking, and impossible to recover from, not to mention the amount of negative attention you would receive. On the other hand, imagine the satisfaction and pride in knowing your business is safe, even from girl-kissing Hollywood starlets.

I applaud Katie Perry for believing in her business and standing up for her rights and I also applaud her for not being afraid to embrace the advice
of professionals.

I urge you to do the same. We’re here to help you through the entire process and after many years of experience we can prepare your business for any challenge that may come its way. It’s absolutely worth the time and investment – Katie Perry is proof!