If any of you have ever wondered just how far we’d go to meet a clients needs, look no further than our latest excursion…to the East Kimberley.

I’m sure many of you have ventured to the north west of this great country before; Broome, Derby or perhaps even Kununurra. It’s an amazing part of the world and myself, Vaughan and Vickie were all lucky enough to be given the opportunity to explore this amazing region.

After being commissioned by the Shire of Wyndam East-Kimberley to address the rebranding of the Shire, we made the 3000km trek to visit the council and the community.

Running a number of workshops, community sessions and street surveys over a 4 day period last week, we looked to discover what was so special and unique about the region. From these sessions we have now come back and begun to develop a creative brief that will be signed off by the councillors and used by Vaughan as the guide to building the new brand.

Many of you will have experienced our unique and often bizarre way of discovery in terms of branding in your own businesses, but this was on a very different level. We needed to ensure we captured not just the core aspects of the culture within the shire but that we captured the entire community’s culture. That’s no mean feat in a mere 4 days!

Needless to say, we have come back extremely enlightened and far more knowledgable of an incredible part of this diverse and amazing country.

And just in case you missed it from my title…it was HOT!! 43 degrees on the Wednesday for our visit to Wyndham. And boy did we know it! Thank goodness for the air conditioning!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the result in the coming months. It’s an exciting and challenging project that we are all looking forward to developing. Stay tuned!