It’s no secret that we now live in a highly connected world. But has something been lost in transmission? Are we all on the same frequency and does all this connectiveness actually make us feel more connected or perhaps more distant than before?

While I’m not intending to get into the deep philosophical debate about connectiveness, technology and society, it is the basis by which I find myself writing this blog.

The epidemic of the ‘disconnect through connectiveness’ is now being noticed by the most powerful industry on the planet…advertising agencies!

Now I can hear some of you scoff and laugh at this but just take a moment to think about that, as you also take the time to look around you at the myriad of branded products you’ve surrounded yourself with because ‘someone’ told you should (psst…that someone was us…yeah those ad guys!)

Using the power of the industry, along with the technology, connectiveness and seemingly predictable nature of our society, Ogilvy (one of the most innovative agencies in the world and founded by one of the best ad men the industry has ever seen) developed a concept with Volkswagon to hammer home a serious message.

Take a look


If that doesn’t impact you…then you weren’t watching.

This covers so many aspect of this topic of connectiveness. From the technology used to broadcast to the cinema goers, to the use of viral to extrapolate the value from a Cinema Commercial. We had mobile phones, cars, marketing, strategy, video and the internet combining to deliver a powerful and potent message with real impact that goes far beyond basic advertising and into ‘social conscious branding’, tackling an issue that is impacting the lives of people everywhere.

Confronting and provocative, I personally love how it forces us to look at how we’re connected and when it’s time to ‘disconnect’.

And if you think that this is an isolated instance for our industry…you’ve got it wrong.

Let me leave you with this video from Thailand…again, it makes you think…