I remember when I was younger (much younger) and I attempted to make a packet cake with a friend of my mine. Now you couldn’t get much easier than a packet cake now could you – or at least you would think!

We managed to miss a vital ingredient…2 eggs. That cake came out of the microwave so hard that even the family dog wouldn’t even eat it!!

The moral of the story? It pays to follow the instructions!

From time to time we find we have an issue with a print job. We’ll receive the job back and with fresh eyes will spot a glaring spelling error or the client will receive the job and find that someone’s obscure surname has been spelt incorrectly.

We do our best to avoid these scenarios…they are never pretty!

We have an internal proofing system to check a job as best as we humanly can. We always send the client a proof and this is the vital ingredient that sometimes dictates if the job will rise or fall.

I can’t implore clients enough to check and double check sign-off proofs of work. As the final and sole person responsible for that job being correct, it’s just so important to ensure that everything is correct.

So next time you get a soft proof via email or a hard proof on your desk, don’t forget that you’re dealing with the delicate eggs that will be the final ingredient to a well prepared recipe.

Proofing…it ain’t no yoke!