Thanks to digital technology & data, marketers can now identify & accurately target very specific audiences online. So rather than trying to reach a broad audience using ‘traditional’ and often expensive advertising mediums like TV or newspaper – marketers have the ability to spend a marketing budget more wisely by targeting audiences that are more likely to engage with your content.

Speed, Relevance, and Reach are the three main areas of marketing that have been transformed by digital technology.

Consumers these days are using smartphones, iPads, laptops and even watches to access content. As such marketers need to work closely with IT or ‘digital’ departments to provide compelling campaigns across all these different devices to make sure their reach is extensive.

There is now a need for marketers to understand the processes behind developing websites, handling data and running social media campaigns while still retaining their creativity and flair, essentially blending the magic of marketing and the science of technology.

These days some advertising media can be too expensive for businesses, especially small ones. However, with technology, even small businesses can reach target markets making them a strong competitor for bigger businesses. If you can market your product or service well, consumers won’t mind if you are small as long as you keep your promises.

So, how can you use technology to market your product without spending a fortune?

Using Electronic Direct Mailing (EDM) is very effective as once your user is subscribed to your emails, they will receive all notifications in their inbox. This is a perfect opportunity to increase your sales by showing them specials, coupons, or showcasing new products.

Social Media is also another no-low cost way to promote your business product or services. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest are used so frequently these days along with YouTube, News Websites, Mobile or tablet apps, Blogs, Vlogs.

By using carefully chosen campaigns to attract your target audience you can successfully grow your business without burning a hole in your pocket in the process.

At Jack in the box, our experienced team understands the best way to utilise the new channels to ensure your advertising dollar works much harder.

Knowing when people are not only online and receptive to your message, but also knowing how to time your message to give maximum cut-through and consideration is something we can help you with.