It’s nothing new for Jack in the box to be shooting TV Commercials. It’s also not unusual to see the team trying something new. So it should come as no surprise when a new piece of equipment entered the back of the Jack in the box studios 3 weeks ago with the arrival of our new 14ft Jib Crane. To achieve ‘Hollywood’ shots, you need Hollywood equipment and that’s exactly what the new Jib Crane provides. This allows the team to achieve incredible shots from the most unusual angles along with beautiful movement. The new addition adds another dimension to the already diverse offering at ‘the box’.

Director, Scott Robinson, said “We’ve shot plenty of commercials with various manual and remote style jibs in the past and we really felt it was time to have our own custom setup.”

“It’s certainly exciting to have such a unique piece of equipment available in-house and being able to offer this to our clients at a much more competitive rate than ever before.”

Check out some pics of a recent shoot that Scott, Vaughan and Lee performed along with a quick video to show you the smooth movement the jib is capable of creating.

The Premiere of The Studio