Social media is like a pet. For your pet to survive and prosper you must feed it regularly with good wholesome food. Well thought out and stimulating food content is important to provide energy and growth. Like any pet regular feeding is important, a detailed meal plan should be developed annually outlining the daily/weekly meals. The chef responsible for the preparation should be highlighted and trained. If you do not have a in house chef I would suggest you outsource to an experienced caterer.

Your pet will also need regular tests to ensure the care and attention you are giving it is allowing it to grow. These tests will report the effectiveness of the food content you are suppling and the social interaction it is receiving.

Bathing and cleaning is also important when caring for a pet, a good clean once in a while will ensure they are fresh, new and haven’t become stale. This will also enhance social interaction and interest among fans.

Social interaction is essential for any pet, it will help them to gain more attention and more friends. It is important when they receive food from friends that they share their food, as this will help build relationships and likeability.

Looking after a pet can be difficult and time consuming but trust me the rewards are well worth it. Please remember, like any pet you must feed and care for it or it may not survive.