People often ask how they should go about choosing the right name for their business. Here’s 10 quick tips on how to choose the right name for your next venture.

1) Don’t be so bloody obvious

Nothing is more boring than a REALLY obvious name. Like ” Northbridge Deli“. I mean come on people … we can all see it’s a Deli and I usually have some idea where I am!!! Geographical names are probably one of my biggest pet hates in choosing a name! Find a differential … something not so obvious!

2) Make it relevant

This is really important. You have to have SOME rationale behind your name. So while you’re not being obvious it must also be relevant.

3) Can it be trademarked

This is super important. As you enter the world of the internet, you need to protect yourself and ensure that you are not going to be hit up by someone else. Quick initial searches through patent attorneys are the most cost effective measure of protecting yourself now and in the future.

4) Does it have an available domain name

Speaking of the web, have you checked that the domain name is available? This is vital. Your web address should be on EVERYTHING so you want to ensure that you have this right off the bat!

5) Make it timeless

Ensure that your name won’t date. Designs can be modified and updated over time but a name change is a HUGE step so get it right to begin with.

6) Don’t be tied to the letter A

In the ‘old’ days people would try and register a name that started with the letter A, so that they were higher in the list in YellowPages. Frankly, if you are relying on the YellowPages to do all your work for you, you need to take a long hard look at your marketing! Have a read of my blog in regards to YellowPages!

7) Tell a story

I get asked all the time “so why did you call yourself Jack in the box?” It’s a great way to get people talking about your business. It gives me 2 minutes to give them a background on the business and lead into further conversation. You may be surprised at the level of interest people have in your name!

8) Does it have another meaning

From time to time we’ll look to unusual words or even foreign dictionaries for words for business names. Be careful though, that it doesn’t have another meaning in another language or even the same language. The last thing you need is for your new brand to hit the world stage, only to find your new food range means meat of the dog in Russian!!

9) Is it easily remembered

Ensure that people can remember your name. Look for catchy words or descriptions which get people thinking about your name. The logo design will also have a lot to do with this, as colour, form and shape are easy for people to remember.

10) Again … don’t be so bloody obvious!!!!

I can’t stress this enough!!! Use your imagination. Go outside the box. Find something new. BE DIFFERENT!