Wholistic is a word that I’ve heard bandied around more and more these days. Not being one to follow trends (rather making them), I thought it timely to explain how we see wholistic and what it means for the industry and most importantly our clients.

Wholistic Marketing was born from the concept that too often the various disciplines of Marketing rarely worked well together. This can easily be put down to the fact that not many organisations actually cater for all the disciplines. Although it may seem obvious to create an agency that could cater for all the individual disciplines, the truth is, that it is extremely difficult to create an environment where the correct mix of left and right brained people can coexist.

We realised a long time ago, that businesses found it frustrating that their strategic plan was handled by one firm, their design by another and then many other extensions of their brand by various other people – printers, signwriters etc. We developed a culture that provided the birth of a wholistic team that could offer all of these aspects (and more) to clients who were looking to find a much more contiguous approach to their marketing and advertising efforts.

Being wholistic isn’t just some buzz word at Jack in the box – it’s a way of life. It’s ingrained in our culture and expressed in every single piece crafted and produced by a very talented team.