Probably one of the most common questions I get asked when a new website goes live is “Why can’t I find our site on Google?” or “Someone found me on a Google search but it said ‘Coming Soon’ but the site is live now?”

The first thing to realise is that although we have all come to expect the internet to be instant, search engine results are far from it! Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Overture use spiders to search the web for new information. Once a spider finds your site it then uses a set of complex algorithms to access where your search should be placed. This criteria is gained from a whole raft of areas, from your keywords, titles and links.

As you can imagine, the net is massive and so a spider’s job is never done! The more content your site has and the more often you update your site, the more regular the spiders visits will be thus updating your search engine results more often.

If your domain has been registered for a while and only a ‘coming soon‘ page has been displayed, then it is likely that this is the only page that a spider has indexed, thus it is the only result that searchers will find, until the spider returns to explore all your new juicy content.

Here at Jack in the box, we have a range of tools to measure your sites effectiveness, from site data to search engine optimisation or SEO. Websites are much like motor vehicles, they’ll run pretty well most of the time but to ensure that they continue to maintain a healthy condition, you need to maintain them on a regular basis. This is the biggest reason for us only offering Content Management Systems (CMS) to our clients. This allows you to undertake this maintenance on a regular basis and only get us involved in your major services.

To learn more about our range of SEO options, call or email us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the various tools that we have available.