So you’ve got a flash new logo. It has cleverly defined your corporate culture, your direction and positioned you in both the right marketplace and the mind of your targeted consumer (either that or you got your brother’s new girlfriend who has a flash new iBook with a desktop publishing program on it, to do it for you in exchange for a cheap bottle of Vodka) nevertheless…you have a logo!

But is it dressed for dinner? You may think that to be a bizarre question but how could you possibly fathom going to dinner in your sweaty gym clothes for example or even worse, naked! So what on earth would possess you to send your logo out like that??

Corporate styling has become increasingly more important in today’s crowded marketplace. It’s no longer just enough to have a great looking logo. You need to be remembered. Coke OWNS the colour red. Cadbury OWNS the colour purple. They have won the generic rights to those colours. Jack in the box is on the charge to own orange but like most SME’s it takes time, money and most of all CONTINUITY!

Corporate style is essentially the next step after you’ve designed a logo. It dresses it for the marketplace and adds a further dimension to the branding process. If you take a look through our Corporate Styling gallery, you’ll soon see how the suites all fit together. This is no accident. Nor is it because we got the boys in from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy either!

It’s more than just a bunch of fancy lines that hold you logo onto the bottom of a page or a bar of colour in the background. It’s an extension of the strategic direction of your brand as a whole or at least it should be.

Each marketplace dictates a different style and thus each logo needs to be dressed differently to suit. A tux for the top end of the market or perhaps a hoody and baggy jeans for the teens. It’s all about dressing appropriately for your market.

So don’t cause yourself any unnecessary embarrassment…zip up your fly and make sure you dress your logo!