Last week I set a challenge, of which the response was overwhelming (said with sarcasm), but it at least highlighted (to me) how important it is for grocery brands to brand themselves first – before selling the product, the taste, the quality, the range. Branding is number 1.

So, the answers are as follows:

1. Pataks

Curry Paste

2. Devondale


3. Saxa


4. Kleenex


5. Ayam

Coconut Milk

6. Campbells

Tinned Soup

7. Maggi

2 Minute Noodles

8. Twinings


9. Edgell

Tinned Kidney Beans

10. Praise


11. Morning Fresh

Dishwashing liquid

12. Arnotts


13. Bulla

Sour Cream

14. Nannas


15. Hienz

Baked Beans

16. Sorbent

Toilet Paper

17. Greenseas

Tinned Tuna

18. Helgas


19. CSR


20. Leggos

Pasta Sauce

This list is made of up of National and International Brands, all who spend years and lots of money making sure grocery buyers (like me) know their brand so well they scan the supermarket aisles in search of that familiar name that they know and trust. For grocery items, this should be the automatic starting point. Any companies that try to sell the product before the brand will find themselves struggling later when they try to introduce new products – where is the common link? The brand is the common link, and the associated values it stands for. It should always be the common link. Consumers look for these common links, otherwise their eyes just
keep on scanning.