Go on…admit it. As much as you may respect your competitors (and don’t get me wrong, I believe this to be very important!). There’s still no better feeling than getting the upper hand in your own marketplace. So how is your swing? Are you averaging at the top of the league with a 0.360? Or are you simply sitting on the bench?

The likely answer is that, yeah, you might be swinging but you’re probably not quite on top of your game. So how do you rectify this? How can you turn around the game?

Simple…talk to your batting coach!

The most effective thing you can do in any business to beat your competitors is to have an effective strategy. Most business don’t even have ‘ A‘ strategy let alone a professional one, so by talking to someone, you’re likely to be better off than the next person to start with!

In today’s market conditions, it’s even more important to have a strategy. Tight economic times are when most business typically reduce their marketing budgets. This is about the worst thing you could do. Now is the perfect time to gain an unfair competitive advantage because everyone else is doing just that…backing off.

Imagine a field with one single billboard in it. You’re likely to get noticed right? Of course! You’re the only one there. When times are good, that field fills with billboards. Even if you have the biggest billboard in there, you’ll still be in a crowded space and your exposure is minimised.

It’s time to swing the bat…

Now it’s fair to say that I may seem to have bought a lot of doom and gloom to my blog, but alas…there is light at the end of the tunnel. A recent government initiative is allowing us to assist SME’s with a matching fund grant of up to $20,000. This is a fantastic opportunity to either half the costs of your marketing efforts or (better still) double the scope of the work! There are a few conditions but we can walk you through these. Not everyone is eligible but it is open to a wide amount of business.

So if you want to improve that swing and see yourself on the MVP list this year (and every year), call Coach Jack and let us help you hit it out of the ball park!