In a world where once snails ruled supreme, it now seems that catalogues are king of the letter box. So how do you avoid getting lost in the pile of junk that gets wedged in your box on an almost daily basis?

The secret is to be different. Whether that be via an unusual size or shape, a seriously impacting image that provokes a reaction or perhaps just being in a different place with your direct mail (for example an insert in the newspaper), it’s all about ensuring that your piece of direct mail is noticed, read and hopefully acted upon.

We are bombarded by millions of messages through different forms of advertising everyday. Some subtle (like the branding on your monitor that you unconsciously stare at everyday), some that are in your face and much that just washes over the top. It stands to reason that the most impacting, different and unique pieces will stand out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of branding and its long term impact on consumer thinking but if you’re conducting a direct campaign then you’re aiming at instant results.

Some of the latest trends have been personalisation and interactivity. So direct that it either allows you to feel as if the message is just for you or an item that allows you to interact – pull something, reveal something or even construct something. These types of direct mail create a different connection with the ‘user’ and thus the impact is dramatically different to a standard, run of the mill flyer.

So next time you’re thinking about a direct campaign, think about how you’re going to cut through the crowd and get you customers on board. Be bold, be different and never accept mediocrity!