My resolution for 2009 and onward is at best obvious. I’m fed up; cheesed off and totally disillusioned with politics and politicians in particular. I know only one I would trust with my old bicycle.

We’ve all been long aware that a politician’s promise is at best ‘elastic’, but I’m sure none of us ‘humans’ were prepared for the new wave of manipulated language which these so called ‘Honourable Members’ have now shaped. Apparently there is now a difference between, ‘a PROMISE’ and a

Promises are now something you deliver when you know that the implementation may not be possible. (I think my Father called them lies!) A core promise on the other hand is something that’s likely to happen in the fullness of time, but it may not be when you need or expect it. And it is with this verbal lexicon that our eloquent orators now deliver their election platforms and spin.

They have in fact become experts in ‘bullshit’. To top it all, they’ve now become past masters at avoiding answers to questions they don’t want to answer by simple repeating the question and waltzing around the subject like Torvill & Dean.

Remarkably we’ve let them get away with it and that in itself is sad and woefully inept on our part. “Evil prospers when good men fail to act” and so my new year’s resolution is this. I’m not just going to stand by and cop the crap any longer. I’m going to examine the promises, core or not and when they break their word, I’m going to say so. I’m going to name the ‘Liars’ and I don’t give a damn about their interpretation of core promises and promises. A promise is a promise and politicians cannot become the antecedence of a culture that lies and cheats its way through society.

We need to teach our kids that ‘lies’ are just that – lies – and you can’t make a promise, break it and there not be a consequence. Is it any less corrupt to lie your way into office than it is to buy your way there?

I agree corruption is a pretty strong word but if the ‘cap fits’ so be it. I for one am not going to stand by and give my hard earned vote to some joker who can change their mind the moment he or she has got what they want.

So here’s my resolution. Accountability for all Politicians. You don’t have to do what I want you to do; you don’t have to be popular; I don’t care if you make mistakes and apologise; I’m unconcerned about your personal life, although I’d like you to behave with dignity. All these things I can forgive – but DON’T lie to us and break your promises.

It is a time for Leaders, Statesmen with honour, who cannot be bought by money, gifts or popularity. We the people need transparent men and women who are not liars, men and women who deliver the bad news without fear or favour. It is time for a new breed of Leader and perhaps, just perhaps the American people are fortunate enough to have found that person – God knows we need one here.