Well here we are in 2009. We’ve eaten a bucket load of prawns, filled our bins with a few trees worth of wrapping paper and probably had too much champagne, but nevertheless, we’re ready to take on the new year. So what will 2009 bring in the world of advertising and marketing?

Is anyone wondering what this ‘Free View’ TV is? Well upon investigation, it’s basically the arrival of digital TV in the form of 15 channels across Australia – 3 per station ( ABC, SBS, 7, 9, 10). Those with a set-top box or built in digital tuner will have access to these 15 channels, absolutely free (hence the name, I suppose). Of course, metro areas will be the first to experience ‘Free View’, with the Eastern States regional areas next on the list. Towards the end of 2009, regional Western Australian viewers will finally be able to see this new fangled ‘ digital television‘ that everyone is
talking about.

What will ‘Free View’ mean for advertisers? Well, first of all, better programs and better ads! Digital means better quality and higher production standards for all. The bad news is that this might price some smaller businesses out of the market due to higher advertising production costs, however as digital technologies become more readily available prices will be more competitive. It may also mean higher media costs. 15 channels means more channel flicking and thus it may be necessary to purchase a wider number of channels to reach the same audience levels. Reality is that analogue TV is being switched off in 2010, so if you aren’t on board with digital advertising now, you need to get into gear! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of ‘Free View’ over the year, and if you need to pick my brain on how this will affect your business, contact me at any time.

Well, let’s get stuck into it hey!?