Campaigns and the Internet go together like Jacks and Boxes.

From political campaigns to online activism, the internet is an extraordinary medium for getting a message across.

According to a report by Borrell it is estimated that US political spending on digital media will reach $1 billion this year. This is a growth of 5000% from 2008, highlighting just how important electronic media has become. But it won’t stop there, political digital media spending in the US is expected to rise to almost $3.3 billion by the 2020 presidential elections.

But why is the internet such a successful platform for campaigns in all their guises?

The Internet is global. If you want to be a global brand, the internet can help you achieve this as easily as for a local brand. There is no difference in the technology needed to reach a global audience or a local one.

Tracking / Measurement
There are many software tools available to track and manage the effectiveness of a particular digital campaign in ways that are not possible for traditional media. Compared to traditional media, online media can be more cost effective and the ability to instantly measure its impact is extremely valuable.

By tapping into social networks, campaigns can more effectively target their audience.
One of the most intriguing phenomenon of online marketing is the ability for a campaign to go “viral”. In many cases, successful viral campaigns can reach huge audiences, way out of proportion to the low cost of their creation.

Some of my favourite campaigns that fall into the viral category are:

Old Spice
Air New Zealand
LG Elevator Prank
Straight Outta Compton promotional site