Campaign for Champagne by Dune Haggar

At the start of the week this blog was going to be a long winded epic saga on the difference between how a one off advertisement differs from an actual campaign or how “design me a bad ass logo” is different from a full thought out brand. There were eyebrows raised, crossbow quarrels fired and whispers of insurrection. The upshot being my 40 page blog is leaning towards being a streamlined account of campaigns vs the one off direct advertisement.

Let’s look at an online focused one shot advertisement vs a campaign.

Mr Bruce Tee sells colourful kettlebell weights that play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on repeat. Obviously an excellent product.

Their first approach – Hit perspective buyers with a one off advertisement that pushes them straight to a ‘buy now’ page. Bells, whistles and curiously Lycra clad product models.

The Good

  • Instant revenue and new rims for the car
  • Quickly gauge if leopard print colour scheme on product is cool or not

The Bad

  • It’s likely half of your traffic are not actually ready for a sell instantly. These one off advertisements have the disadvantage of, if they miss the mark you have most likely lost that sale. (No shiny wheel rims for you.)

Their second approach is to launch a campaign. They put out their advertisements that push the buyer to become interested in the brand and sign up to a follow up reminder / newsletter. A less “shouty” buy or else approach.

The Good

  • Buyers are warmed up and reminded about the product. They are more likely to buy when not rushed.
  • The sales will ramp up over days, instead of a flash in the pan one off sales. While a one off quick hit advertisement will spike and then trail off quickly (like Kanye Wests popularity) the campaign sales will grow steadily (like the shock displayed at the looming US election)
  • You can become buddies with your shoppers, educate them about why “Eye of the Tiger” is ‘the’ song to exercise to.
  • It gives you the ability to tailor and tweak your advertising elements to get the most out of your campaign.
  • It also delivers the best brand awareness, prospective buyers can be more than a one night stand, and they can become fanboys and loyal followers as well.

The Bad

  • This type of fishing could take weeks or months before the fish bites. How patient are you?

If you are just selling a one off no nonsense product maybe the one shot style will work fine. For all else, a thought out campaign that captures your brand’s spirit wins out. I will leave you with the wise words of Sun Tzu, “You cannot bore people into buying your product: you can only *interest* them into buying it” oops that was David Ogilvy…

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