Olympic Entertainment

Here we are with the Rio Olympics in full swing.

Every 4 years we tune in to witness supremely talented individuals who have worked insanely HARD to make it to the pinnacle of their sport. We see the amazing stories of athletes overcoming unbelievable obstacles just to make it to one of the greatest shows on earth. Some win, some don’t. There’s so much to absorb. Such drama. Can’t. Look. Away.

The diving pool’s green! There’s the Zika virus worries, there’s athlete’s fighting for every inch, dissing each other, pure dedication & teamwork, the triumphs of human spirit and the inevitable doping & drug scandals.

We stay up to the wee hours of the morning to watch the world’s best duke it out on the world stage. Nothing beats watching things unfold live and feeling the joy and heartbreak in the moment.

Good old Olympics #FOMO – we’re getting a bit sleep deprived here in OZ.

Aside from learning to function on 4 hours sleep a night, what lessons can we take from the spectacle that is the Olympic Games?

  • You can be a winner even if you don’t end up with a medal around your neck.
  • Whatever the situation, sometimes you just have to dive in, even if the pool’s green!
  • Crashes in professional bike races are intense. WEAR A HELMET KIDS.
  • Some journalists are stoopid.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP, spectators that includes you. Respect. If you lose, lose with dignity
  • You can’t get very far, let alone to the top, without the support of others
  • Set expectations high but don’t be afraid to fail
  • Water polo players are nuts and wear the tighest bathers ever
  • THIS!