Space Metal

So let’s have a little break and look at a just one of the breakthroughs happening now, to get the imagination running! (When we know how to use the new tools, we can invent the new stuff! I feel any new advancement is a tool or solution even in our industry.)

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It’s fun to stay at the CMYK

I was heading towards this blog with a future enabled printing extravaganza angle – witness the Augmented Reality enabled business card from the future! etc. etc… but the real selling …

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Green Sleeves

When MP3’s first came out, it surprisingly left large industry behemoths scrambling. When the dust settled from the initial “we’ll all go broke!” tanty they realised the money to be made and put back on their golden suits and made a truckload (streaming tunes are not classed as album sales and are seen as PR so the artists get even less of a cut).

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48 Frets Later

Guitar Design

Guitars may come in a myriad of different shapes, flavours, styles, aesthetics, colours and finishes. These differences often are more about character and personality than actual structural design elements.

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Mechanical Turk or Maniacal Jerk

New Tech

I could give you a 32,064 word saga on the importance of adopting more sustainable energy systems and eradicating the detritus in our governments holding back renewable energy and err… logic, but I want to keep this short and sweet so I don’t get another ominous looking letter…

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