48 Frets Later

Guitar Design

Guitars may come in a myriad of different shapes, flavours, styles, aesthetics, colours and finishes. These differences often are more about character and personality than actual structural design elements.

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Mechanical Turk or Maniacal Jerk

New Tech

I could give you a 32,064 word saga on the importance of adopting more sustainable energy systems and eradicating the detritus in our governments holding back renewable energy and err… logic, but I want to keep this short and sweet so I don’t get another ominous looking letter…

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Science, the Cure for Curation


The elephant, for some in the fancy room of art is that dorky new kid ‘Science’. He comes into a perfectly ordered and regulated room with all these new ideas, mediums, rules and quiet frighteningly… possibilities.

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It’s not about the Monet

It's not about the Monet

I like to think of the absolute beginning of art as the piles of sticks, entwined branches, mud scratchings and markings to show our passage through the land (be it …

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The Value-able Guitar

After an arrow thudded into the wall above my desk, with a message wrapped around it demanding “I write my blog about ‘value’ and that I tidy up my coffee …

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Campaign for Champagne

Campaign for Champagne by Dune Haggar

At the start of the week this blog was going to be a long winded epic saga on the difference between how a one off advertisement differs from an actual …

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