One of the latest trends in the world of marketing recently is also a very eco-friendly one. I am talking about the E-newsletter and given Jack in the box’s eco stance it is one that we like to encourage our clients to use.

There are many great eco-friendly advantages to using an E-newsletter as opposed to a more traditional print variety. To start with there is no paper or inks required to produce the information. Once read there is no wastage to go into landfill. There are also no carbon emmissions associated with traditional distribution methods.

The advantages of as e-newsletter aren’t just confined to the eco-friendly benefits either.

Unlike traditional newsletters they are flexible. You can make several variations of the same newsletter to send to different client bases and you can personalise your campaigns. You can also specify at what time your newsletter lands in your customers inbox and you can provide direct links to your website.

Once you have had a template set up and have completed your training an E-newsletter takes only a short amount of time to put together. If you have some breaking news or an unexpected sale to tell your clients about you can do so immediately. There’s no waiting to get artwork proofs back and time lost at the printers, so your news is fresh and relevant.

E-newsletters are also very cost effective. Depending on the size of your database a newsletter will cost you less than a phone call to send. You can also target different parts of your database with different messages it is one of the most effective marketing tools available, with minimal wastage.

Best of all, the effectiveness of your E-newsletter is measurable. Information such as clicks, forwards, subscribes and bounces is instantly available. You can also monitor recipient activity which enables you to target your next E-newsletter at the topics your consumers are most interested in.

Jack in the box have recently launched a new website dedicated solely to this fantastic marketing tool we call Mailbox. Take a look at to find out just how good E-newsletters can be for your business and for the environment.