Recently, I read Dan Millman’s intriguing book, ‘ The Peaceful Warrior‘. Amongst his many profound statements he writes, “There is no such thing as an ordinary moment”. In my experience Dan is absolutely correct, there are no “ordinary moments”, however there are some that are more magnificent than others. Last weekend I experienced such moments. Moments that will long serve to remind me that humanity transcends all formal behaviour and thankfully favours our species with a most wonderful characteristic – that
of tenderness.

I was privileged to visit one of our clients in Queensland, who has patiently built a treasured collection of memorabilia dedicated to the life of the late motorsport king, Peter Brock. Housed in a large, custom built auditorium just outside Yeppoon on Queensland’s Whitsunday coast, it is a most extraordinary example of dedication and passion.

Alone, it would have been something to behold, but I was completely unprepared for the ‘Light and Sound’ production I experienced the following day. I was transported on a magical and beautiful journey through the life and times of Peter Brock. Through the successes – and there were many – and through some of the not so good times.

As the lights dimmed and the quadrophonics of sound embraced me, I found myself submitting to the moment and pleasantly being included in something far more personal than I would have imagined
The darkness behaved to persuade me that I was alone with Peter and as the strains of music swelled I felt my senses being gently, and at times, impatiently re focused. I was inscrutably drawn to the man as if I had known him all my life. Through all the business and the commercial reality of the sport, here was someone who never lost his touch with people and for that moment he was again with me and welcoming me.

One could sense the triumphs, the disappointments and most impressive of all, one felt that these moments were being delivered with his full approval. Some 30 minutes later as the journey drew to a close, I was moved, not by some sickly emotional ‘smultz’ but by the sheer magnitude of his life, recaptured and recalled so very powerfully in a joyful re-union. I wanted to know Brock better and I wished I had been able meet him. That feeling has

As my throat expanded and I swallowed heavily and fought back the urge to weep, I looked across at the others in our visiting party. One elderly gentleman was crying – how gracious, how bold I thought. Later I discovered he was not a motorsport fan, just a very real human-being touched by the impact of a great sportsman and a life well lived.

I left that morning knowing I had experienced something very special. Something rare, something which made me more human, more
tender – better.

Yes, moments are never ordinary. All are special and I congratulate Peter Champion, his wife Sandy and all the crew at ‘The Brock Experience’ for giving me something unforgettable and unique. Your efforts in keeping Peter’s memory alive has transcended history and helped remind us that we are gentle beings, if only we allow ourselves to be ‘real’.

Note: Champions Brock Experience is one of ‘Queensland 2008 Award’ winning attractions and is open:
General Admission – Monday to Friday -10am till 3pm
Saturdays -11.30 till 4pm
Light & Sound Show – Saturday Only at 10am – or by prior arrangement for groups of 20 or more.
(The Brock Experience is situated some 41 kilometres east of Rockhampton in the town of Yeppoon and worth every moment of the time it takes to drive off the main route and visit this great attraction. You won’t be disappointed)