Current advancements in technology never cease to amaze me. As a person who has a keen interest in all things technological, I get excited when I see business taking on board new ideas and concepts made possible by the technologies that are available today.

Most of you will have heard of the social networking phenomenon, and many of you no-doubt will have taken the plunge joining millions of others in the great social pool on the web.

The great thing about the Internet, in my opinion, is its integration. What I mean by integration is that anything that exists on the web has the capacity, with a little bit of coding, to effectively talk with anything else on the web. The implications are that web sites and web applications are no longer restricted by the functionality of the one developer, we are now seeing web sites that draw resources and components from different sources – this has always been possible technologically with the Internet, but it is only in recent years that users are seeing the benefits.

A great example of integration was recently announced in the news. News Digital Media and Fox Interactive Media have officially launched the new site MySpace Jobs which is a combination of News Digital Media’s employment brand and one of Australia’s largest social networking sites

This partnership gives CareerOne access to over 3 million MySpace members for recruitment purposes and is recognised as a powerful way to advertise to the elusive Y-Generation. It’s the execution of the technology that has created an efficient and powerful way of reaching and communicating to a target market that has otherwise been very hard to get to.

And this is a very good thing! Why, because targeting messages to those who will be most responsive to is not only great for business, but it is good for other consumers too. In effect, this equates to a less offensive browsing environment as there will be a smaller chance of being slapped in the face with irrelevant advertising – after all, people don’t complain about receiving an ad that appeals to them do they? They may even go so far as to act upon it…