So you’re thinking about sending out an email newsletter hey? But have you thought about it’s effectiveness? What about it’s compatibility with other people’s email systems, the design, feedback, research, anti-spam laws, unsubscribes, automated database management, statistics or even a newsletter template? Have I confused you yet? GOOD!!

That’s essentially the point. The whole deal is actually quiet complex. It’s not just a case of slapping a pretty email and hitting send. Anti-spam laws have been in force for some time now but the increase in spam to our mailboxes is never ending. That’s why it’s super important that if you are going to use this medium, you know what you’re doing.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

• Keep your email name consistent – many people will put the email they wish to view in a ‘safe’ list. The consistency of your email name and address is paramount.

• Maintain a consistent heading – this will assist in people knowing automatically that it is your email newsletter rather than more junk!


• Ensure you have an unsubscribe link – this is a must for ALL email newsletters. Without it you could be looking at a very nasty fine.

• Addressability (or personalisation) – addressability has become key in all marketing efforts these days and there aren’t too many other mediums that can be implemented as easily as email.

A newsletter template is also a good idea. It ads continuity to each addition and your recipients will soon remember where to find certain information.

I like to take this a little further though (surprise, surprise some would say). The great part about email is the ability to garner information about what the recipient is doing with your message. When we build newsletter templates we do so through a system called Mailbox that allows us to give you full access to your email newsletter (much like our Springbox CMS website system). You can make and send newsletters when ever you desire but the best part is that you can also see a range of statistics.

From who opened your email when to which links they clicked on. This information is an invaluable research tool and allows you to market your product or service accordingly.

In addition it also manages your database of contacts and allows you to personalise your subject header for each user. You can even add a form to your website so that people can subscribe and there details go directly into the system – no double handling.

The other really important fact is that this system has been white listed by all the major ISP (Internet companies) so your email will not be marked as spam and is guaranteed to reach any legitimate mailbox in your database.

If you would like to see a range of examples that we have created recently, click here or to find out more about the Mailbox System, simply click here.

You see, email isn’t justemail after all!