I thought I’d play on the idea of Problem Solving (this month’s blog topic) and look at the way problems are being solved now and in the future.

Every day, new, more advanced technology comes onto the scene which influences the way in which we, as marketers, look to solve a client’s problem.

As an example, our EDM system ‘Mailbox’ has the functionality to personalise your email bursts to individual subscribers – this tech didn’t always exist but now allows businesses to directly speak to their customers.

Furthermore, segmenting your database in Mailbox now means you can also target messages and make products and services actually relevant to the consumer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most recent buzzword and even if you don’t realise it, you come in contact with it every single day throughout hundreds of different experiences. For example, Facebook use their algorithms to determine the content you see in your news feed, and if you use Instagram, you will notice the structure of what you now see on your feed changed around 12 months ago to expose you to just the most ‘relevant’ content. It has also banned re-using many hashtags to ensure content remains as relevant as possible to the end user.

One of the interesting solutions I’ve heard lately about AI is Facial Recognition Technology – just think you will never have to unlock the door to your office building again, as a computer will scan your face and it will pop open just for you! In fact, it has already been introduced in airports when you are going through customs and now for the self-service baggage drop off, matching those flying with their passport photos.

You will eventually be able to draw money from an ATM without punching in your PIN code. Police worldwide have used facial recognition technology for years. And if you use the varying face filters on Snapchat, well, I rest my case! AI is alive and well and its availability and use is only going to explode in the very near future, and will affect the recommendations we make to clients dramatically!