Call the Doctor

If you ever take a look at a doctors surgery, you’ll find a really interesting mix of people. Some have come because they are sick and know what’s wrong (they just need a prescription). Some come in because they’re also sick but they have no idea what’s actually wrong. Of course you’ve have those who think that they’re sick but actually haven’t anything wrong with them at all. And then you’ll find those few who are proactive about their health and consult with their doctor differently.
While I’m positive there are a hundred other ‘people types’ that you’d find, work with me on this for just a minute…

That doctors surgery is not dissimilar to the situation we find in marketing. Some clients know what’s wrong and need a fix, some have no idea but know that they need you to fix it. Some require you to provide reassurance that ‘where they’re at’ is the right place and others know that to maintain the health of their business, you need to take a proactive approach.

We’re often seen as marketers or creatives or developers or strategists or designers…but the truth is, no matter what function we play inside Jack in the box, we’re about problem solving. Yep… we solve problems.

In fact, when you really get down to it, all business is about the same thing – solving problems. Need some milk? The Grocery Store will solve your problem. Need a house? The Real Estate Agent will solve your problem. Businesses only exists to provide a solution to a consumer’s problem.

We provide solutions through planning, creativity and communication. These tools allow us to solve the problems of our clients – more customers, higher profits, a shift in direction or starting our life. Ultimately, no matter what the problem is, we use these key elements to develop a solution for you.

We are practitioners of marketing, surgeons of culture and nurses of brands. We strive to ensure our clients businesses are healthy and growing. The most ideal way to achieve this is through being the proactive patient who understands and appreciates that regular check ins and articulating any symptoms clearly, will insure their health.

Now, we don’t bulk bill, the government don’t have Medicare for business and there is nothing impersonal or clinical about what we deliver, so the analogy stops there. But we do implore you to think about the health of your business and how you can maintain its health and growth today, tomorrow and into the future.