Lego has maintained a relationship with Shell for fifty years, until recently, when Greenpeace released a campaign that saw one million people worldwide respond.

They urged Lego to end its co-promotion with Shell, focusing on establishing a positive future for our children by protecting them from climate change.

The 1 minute 45 second film argues that the values of the two companies are completely non aligned. While Lego is trying to move away from using oil in their products and creating more renewable energy than they expend, Shell is submitting plans to drill in the Arctic.

Lego states that the source of the issue is with Greenpeace and Shell, however the public pressure to cut ties was extreme.

Lego is just another highly regarded brand that has dumped Shell who relies on companies like these in order to remain an upstanding and respected brand.

While Lego will be honouring their obligations under contract, Greenpeace will be celebrating the future.

A lesson to us all to never underestimate the power of an organisation’s culture and the public backlash that can occur if you’re not true to your values.