Just like purchasing home insurance for an unfortunate event such as a burglary, or car insurance in case you didn’t see that letterbox lurking at the end of the driveway, protecting your brand is incredibly important, as for many people and companies, it will be one of the largest investments they make in a lifetime.

There are ways you can do this without it costing the world and one form of protection is all about consistency.

Something we see a lot in our industry is inconsistency when printing your brand on products and stationery. This is an area that needs to be very controlled as for each different print company or piece of equipment they use, your brand can change, be stretched or squashed and colour can be heavily affected if the dye colour isn’t perfect.

Protection of your brand doesn’t end just with your stationery printing, but also in fine details such as the selection of the paper you use. If you are an environmentally friendly company, it makes sense to use a recycled paper as opposed to something highly processed that a forest has had to die for. These are subliminal elements for many customers, but overall your brand is being protected through consistency of the brand’s values.

This extends to all areas of your business that is projected to the public, including websites as Dan explains in his blog Corporate Styling on the Web.

While the majority of organisations experience some kind of ridicule throughout their lifespan, protection doesn’t have to be difficult. However, the right decisions need to be made and this is often overrun by ‘quick-fixes’, which don’t do anybody favours in the end.

Stay true to your brand, seek the guidance of professionals and be sure to protect it like any other valuable asset you own!