I don’t do social media. I don’t do Facebook, Instagram etc etc.

So you’re probably thinking “what’s this muppet doing writing about social media then”, he’s in no position to be creating social content or advising clients in their use of social media channels.

Not so! The reality is nothing has changed with social media compared to other channels.

The aims are the same, the principles are the same.

Designing an engaging post is no different to designing anything else.

The catch cry today is to make its message digested quickly because the viewer is flicking through quickly and has so much content that it must stand out! Really?

This is not new, this is how the advertising world has always worked.

For hundreds of years, posters have been created to cut through space surrounded by lots of competing posters of various messages with viewers moving through quickly while distracted.

Oh, but what about influencers, they are so vital in today’s mix! Again not new. Celebrities and famous people have been engaged/aligned with the promotion of goods and services from forever.

We’ve always wanted to keep up with the Jones’ and align ourselves with groups and lifestyles that appeal to us.

As they say ‘nothings new’, and the same old same old key to success as always is content!

Because what is new is the viewer.

They are better informed than any previous generation and can sniff out BS from the end of a ten-foot pole.

Today a post with a doctor as an influencer promoting a brand of cigarettes just doesn’t cut it.