I Need a Website

If you’ve typed “I need a website” into Google recently you’ll know that you can ‘create a website for free’ with a certain company. Cough cough wix cough.

Wix has its place, but as a web developer it pains me to think about it.

So you’re probably thinking “If it’s possible to build a website for free, why the hell would I spend a few thousand dollars on a ‘custom’ website designed and completed by an agency”?

Short answer: It’s worth it.

Short-ish answer: A cheap or DIY website will cost you more in the long term. Not in terms of price, the cost will be missed opportunities, missed leads and reduced customer engagement. I can’t stress this enough – a website is an investment.

Long answer:
Hopefully what you’re about to read will change your mindset on the cost vs value of a website. Here we go. Analogy ahead!
Let’s think about a website as if it were a person, someone you employ. Someone who’s entire purpose & design is to serve and facilitate your business. Let’s call this person Sam.
Sam has been specifically designed and crafted to represent, service, improve and increase your business.
Sam can talk to thousands of people every day. At the same time. One on one.
Sam will do whatever you tell them and will remember absolutely everything.
Sam works 24/7. In a year Sam can put in 8760 hours – the equivalent of 4.5 full time employees.
Sam would earn just over $150 000 per year on minimum wage in Australia in 2016. Yikes.
So let’s say Sam is worth $300 000 – $450 000 for every 2-3 years before you need to service or upgrade them.
What would you pay someone to build you a Sam? $20 000 would be a bargain in that context, right?

Yes, it’s easy to build a website for next to nothing. But you’ll get more VALUE from a website that has been carefully planned & built for your exact needs. A great website will pay for itself. A great website is an investment.

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