Over the years I couldn’t even guess as to how many business cards I’ve designed, let alone seen or been handed! Being a designer at heart, I always pay careful attention to the cards I am given and ask myself whether or not people realise how important they are as a marketing tool.

People often comment on the price / cost of a business card – “How much are these each!!!”

Tony is a big fan of the difference between cost and price. He describes price as being what you spend once…cost lasts forever. I see business cards as an investment for a lot of businesses. When you hand over that card to someone, you want them to keep it. Even better, you want them to show somebody else!

In my mind, printing a business card on some glossy stock with a bunch of details just doesn’t cut it in today’s market place. In a nano second world, marketing material is finding it harder and harder to cut through the clutter. Networking has never been more important, nor has clear and clever communication.

Business cards have become a vital tool in networking and ensuring that you are utilising them is essential. When meeting someone it may be the simple most important point of impact. You can’t walk around with a pile of brochures or folders (and if you do… you just look like you are trying WAY too hard!!!)

So next time you decide to do new business cards, think about what you can do to make them different. Creating unusual cards is something we revel in here at Jack in the box. If you’re interested in looking at some of our examples, you can check them out in our gallery.